Life @ Genesis Myanmar

Life @ iGenesis (Myanmar)

We at IGenesis Technologies (Myanmar) Ltd believe and dedicated towards our employees personal and professional growth and to achieve this we always ensure for following 3 Keys.

  • Effective Trainings and Developmental Programs for our employees for Skill and Personal Development.
  • Open and Positive Working Culture for Better and Happy Workplace
  • Diverse Workplace which make us to acquire and retain best talent from Industry.

Learning & Development @ Genesis Myanmar

Employees are provided with Leadership, Functional and Soft Skills training opportunities to help them grow and perform better. Learning needs are defined on the basis of business objectives and individual competencies.

Rewards & Recognition Programs @ iGenesis Myanmar

Rewards and Recognition Policy at iGenesis, is designed to encourage & motivate employees whose performance is outstanding either individually or through team that contribute to the overall objectives & growth of the organization. “Star Performer Award” is as an initiative intended to foster high performance culture covering individuals and teams.

The objectives of “Star Performer of the Quarter” and “Star Performer of the Year” Awards are:

  • To recognize significant and outstanding value-added contributions of the employees while performing the duties in spite of various constraints.
  • To recognize and promote positive behaviors that support individual, work group, unit, team, department, organizational mission and business goals and objectives
  • To create “role models” for others to emulate and surpass.
  • To set standards of high performance and to encourage a team oriented work culture.
  • To provide timely recognition to employees to improve employee productivity and quality of work;

Rewards & Recognition @ Genesis Myanmar

We encourage meritocracy and nurture a high performance culture by encouraging employees through our Rewards and Recognition Program.

Employee Engagement Initiatives @ iGenesis Myanmar

We at iGenesis believe in Effective Employee Engagement of our people through activities which are just not only fun but also a Life Experience, Team Building and Knowledge Sharing Initiatives.

An “engaged employee” is one who is fully enthusiastic about their work and so takes positive actions towards the customer satisfaction and organizational goal and vision achievement.

We All are contributing for Making Genesis Myanmar a Great Place to Work!

The programs @ iGenesis (Myanmar)

Employee Engagement @ Genesis Myanmar

Working with @ iGenesis Myanmar is a fun filled experience.Open Houses, sharing of key business articles with employees for discussion and ideation, Annual Awards, Induction Program, Training and Motivational Speakers, Wellness Programs, Celebrating Excellence (The Award Wall) are all part of the events that bind us together.